Friday, September 16, 2011

Here it is 2011 already and I never continued with this cool blog my friend, Pammie, made for me. Thank you again, Mz Pammie!
I am going to blog our adventures while rv'ing. This is the 2nd night on the road and we have pushed it to get to Perry, Ga. We finally got most everything fixed on the rv. They replaced the faulty camera and finished fixing the other "items" except for the puncture on the divider. The manager said to get it fixed and he will pay the bill. Nice of him to cover it since Coachmen wouldn't pay for the repair. Yes, I will write them a note  While waiting on the rv repairs we rode around Lake City, Jasper and surrounding communities. We put flowers on Vivian's grave. Rick was very sad. It's still hard on him losing his Mom. Hard to believe she has been gone 4 years.
So, I have come to the conclusion after driving around most of the day, north FL has more correctional facilities and churches than anywhere I've ever been. Something is wrong up here, I just don't know what....LOL...
On a happier note, we took the dogs to a local groomer for baths. They were stinky critters and needed a shower. The groomer did an awesome job. They smell so good and were so tired that they slept all the way to Perry!
If your ever in Lake City go to Ken's BBQ. That was the best bbq pork sandwich I ever tasted. Louis needs to come up here and let Ken show him how to bbq a hog!
I made some pictures as we were driving along of the cotton fields. I hope they look ok. Now, I know my blog isn't as good as Chris' blogs are but hopefully I will get better...LOL.... It's hard to live up to Chris' standards!!
Night all!



Shirley said...

Enjoy yourselves!!

Betty said...

well Susie...took me 10 minutes to find where to make a comment...just goes to show how long since Ive ventured onto a

Im waving, screamin and yellin...figure you must have heard or seen something goin

Sounds like things are going in the right direction now..dont know if theres any pics here anywhere but if there is, I may eventually track em down.

Have a ball...