Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tourist Attraction?

We traveled about 20 miles up the road to visit the Cherokee attractions. We drove on the Trail of Tears. Unfortunately, nothing is open Sunday thru Wednesday. Of course, we were there on Wednesday! But we saw some pretty country. We tried finding an Old Mill and found it was closed too. Don't bother looking at anything until Thursday if your up this way. Ursa has failed us several times but we continued using her to look for a BBQ place for lunch. Rick wanted BBQ and Ursa took us to a place but it had a different name. We did eat there, I had chicken and dumplins and Rick had a BBQ sandwich. Not bad but we will find another place next
We stopped to look for pecans and the guy in there looked crazy. So, we bought onions and a jar of peach butter and!  Again, its cheaper to buy pecans at BJ's, Nancy! A bag of unshelled pecans was $28, $11 for a 12 oz bag of shelled pecans. The peaches didn't look very good either. They had cantaloupes that Rick said he would have been ashamed to put out for sale.
Tomorrow is wash day. Glad there is a laundry here and its clean. Rick fixed supper on the grill.. hamburgers! We tried out the Tailgate Red Wine....yummmm..... relaxing! Talked to my friend tonight in Nashville and she said the place we picked to camp was near her and in a good part of town. We decided to leave Friday. She has already planned several places to take us. It's so nice to have a local
Oh yeah, Ursa got us lost twice today. Sent us to dead end roads!! Just glad the Vibe gets good gas mileage! Then Rick got us lost and Ursa got us outta three ain't bad!
It rained pretty hard this morning so we got a late start touring. But all in all it turned out to be a great day. I will post some more pictures when the server I'm using speeds up. Right now it is slow and uploading would take me too long. I'll post them on Photobucket and have them labeled. I have PSP on this computer so I can "adjust"
Time for bed....night to all my family. I miss and love you all!


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