Friday, September 23, 2011

On the road to Nashville

We are spending this last night at the Koa here in Calhoune. Nice place if your ever in this area and want to camp. Today was a lazy day. We slept late and after breakfast went to the laundry to do the wash. It was interesting to sit in the office and talk to the people that came in to pay for camping site. We have some nice neighbors that sit up to camp today. They are in an Aliner camper and are here with a group. They came from NC for this group camping. Rick says you must have to be 80 to join the Aliner
So, after washing was done we came back to the rv and had lunch and a nap. Then off to supper at the Cracker Barrel. I wish our Cracker Barrel was as nice as the ones we have visited along the road!
Oh, one thing I need to tell you about. Last night we had a late visitor in bed with us. I was laying down and something cold and wet plopped on top of my hand. Not sure what it was I flung it off my hand and woke Rick up. The lights came on and Rick looked all over my side of the bed. Shook the pillows, look down the side of the bed.... every where on my side.... nothing! He found nothing so he laid back down and suddenly jumped up and yelled ...Frog! It's on the window shade. I'll catch it.... took him 3 tries but he finally caught the frog and threw it out the door. A friend of mine says...what did the hero of the frog hunt get in appreciation for throwing the frog out? I said...a peaceful night's sleep!....LOL...Good thing Rick loves me.
This is a short and uneventful entry tonight because it was an uneventful day.
Night you family mine!

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Anonymous said...

You kids have a safe trip to Nashville. Missing you on my IM's today! Love ya