Saturday, September 17, 2011

Perry Adventures!

So, here we are enjoying the Fair Harbor RV Park. Been here 2 night and we're staying another night. We are planning a trip to Andersonville to see the Confederate prison camp tomorrow. We got sidetracked today. There was a Samboree at the fairgrounds here. The Mennonites were cooking so off we went. Was a great meal and I picked up a little something too. We watched the quilt auction for awhile. Then I thought I'd pick up a quilt for Nancy cause she loves quilts. The bidding started at $300 for the handmade quilts. Needless to say Nancy isn't getting a quilt. Sorry Nanny!
Our adventure wasn't over. We had dinner at Cracker Barrel. This was the best and friendliest Cracker Barrel we have ever been in. After dinner we had to find a Lowe's to get something to fix the shower that I broke. We ended up in Warner Robins. What a nice city. It had all of our favorite food groups. We said we have to stay another night and try out another
Rick picked up some donuts for breakfast in the morning. Hopefully we will go to Andersonville early then we can just relax. We'll leave on Monday morning for places north.
Good night!


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lillies lya said...

I forgot what a pretty blog Pammie made for you!

You actuallyl make rv-ing sound fun! I'd love to go to that fair with you, I've heard about the Mennonites and their cooking and it must have been a treat! (But 300 dollars for a quilt???!!!)

Enjoy the trip to Andersonville, that sounds very interesting too!! Hope you are feeling OK now!