Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Home FL

We are home again. We visited the Sam Davis home on Sunday with our friend Sandra. She is an excellent guide. We drove in downtown Nashville and saw Music Row which is now called Music Square. We drove by the Wild Horse Saloon and by the huge stadium by the river. Sandra took us by to meet her Mom and sister and son. Very nice people and it was a lovely visit. Next time we go up there Sandra is going to take us up in the AT&T towers. We can't thank Sandra enough for being so giving of her time to see that we had a nice time! You are just awesome, Mz. Sandra!....LOL
We left Nashville on Monday morning and traveled down to Perry to stay at the same rv campground we stayed at going north. Nice place called Fair Harbor. I would highly recommend it to anyone. We left Perry on Tuesday morning and got home about 5pm. We were tired. Rick, bless his heart, has done all the driving on the trip and he drives good. He did enjoy sitting in the back seat while Sandra drove thru Nashville he said.
So, here it is Wednesday night and I am off to bed. Sadie is so glad to be home

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Hermitage...

Today we had to get some Pet Armour for the fleas. Also, got some itch med for the dogs. Then off to visit Andrew Jackson's house. The property is beautiful. And thanks to some very smart ladies the homestead was kept intact as much as possible. We took the wagon ride tour and what a great tour that was. The wagon driver was also the tour guide. He told us so much about life at The Hermitage. It was a different time and different set of values. Jackson had 100 slaves and he rarely sold a slave. Usually they stayed on the plantation for their entire lives. They were allowed to hunt and had their own vegetable gardens and were allowed to sell some of their goods and have some cash. It was a very interesting tour. Well worth the money we paid.
So, not trusting Ursa anymore we tried to find our way to Publix for an ice lolly refill. We found a Publix!! Great to be in a store where we were familiar. And then on the way home we got lost again. Just because I remembered driving by a big building is no reason to go in a different direction around said building! ...yup! lost again!.... Finally, we found our way back to the campground and we had company waiting for us. My friend Sandra came to visit. Rick said let's go eat. Sandra said do you like Cheddars? Never heard of it but off we went. Awesome place to eat. I had ribs and shrimp. Rick had country fried steak and gravy. Sandra had fish with mango salsa. Then for dessert we had chocolate fudge cake with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream....yummmmm
We came back to the rv and visited for awhile. Made plans to go into Nashville tomorrow to play tourist. She is a great person. One you feel like you have known for yrs. Jones worked his magic on another female. Sandra was ready to take him home with her. He is such a smooozzzz with the ladies! It rained some tonight but today the weather was beautiful. Hope tomorrow is too.
Well folks, I am off to bed soon and wanted to say I am missing the family but having fun too!
Night all!!


Friday, September 23, 2011

Nashville at last!

We left about 10 this morning and traveled up I-75 to I-24 on our way to the new campground. Did I tell you that Ursa was untrust worthy?? Well, she is!! She took us to another closed road! Good thing there was a wide spot for us to turn around! She isn't to be used much anymore. I will go to map quest before we leave!....LOL
So, here we sit by a beautiful lake ....freezing! Yes, it is getting cold. In the 50's tonight and I dunno what is wrong with the heater! So, Rick and I will be snuggling.
Tomorrow we are off to be tourists again!
night ya family!

On the road to Nashville

We are spending this last night at the Koa here in Calhoune. Nice place if your ever in this area and want to camp. Today was a lazy day. We slept late and after breakfast went to the laundry to do the wash. It was interesting to sit in the office and talk to the people that came in to pay for camping site. We have some nice neighbors that sit up to camp today. They are in an Aliner camper and are here with a group. They came from NC for this group camping. Rick says you must have to be 80 to join the Aliner
So, after washing was done we came back to the rv and had lunch and a nap. Then off to supper at the Cracker Barrel. I wish our Cracker Barrel was as nice as the ones we have visited along the road!
Oh, one thing I need to tell you about. Last night we had a late visitor in bed with us. I was laying down and something cold and wet plopped on top of my hand. Not sure what it was I flung it off my hand and woke Rick up. The lights came on and Rick looked all over my side of the bed. Shook the pillows, look down the side of the bed.... every where on my side.... nothing! He found nothing so he laid back down and suddenly jumped up and yelled ...Frog! It's on the window shade. I'll catch it.... took him 3 tries but he finally caught the frog and threw it out the door. A friend of mine says...what did the hero of the frog hunt get in appreciation for throwing the frog out? I said...a peaceful night's sleep!....LOL...Good thing Rick loves me.
This is a short and uneventful entry tonight because it was an uneventful day.
Night you family mine!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

One more thing!

The owner of the campground here told Rick to not wear his gold necklace because they have had too many guests get their chains ripped off when they go touring in the local cities. So, he has had to take off his snook fish..... bummer. He is so cute when he wears it too!!
Thanks so much to those who have been giving me feedback on the blog. It helps to know it is being read and I love the comments! Mz lillie, you are a trip!! And Pammie..... save funds after the kids graduate and you too can go rv'ing with us!! ya'll!


Tourist Attraction?

We traveled about 20 miles up the road to visit the Cherokee attractions. We drove on the Trail of Tears. Unfortunately, nothing is open Sunday thru Wednesday. Of course, we were there on Wednesday! But we saw some pretty country. We tried finding an Old Mill and found it was closed too. Don't bother looking at anything until Thursday if your up this way. Ursa has failed us several times but we continued using her to look for a BBQ place for lunch. Rick wanted BBQ and Ursa took us to a place but it had a different name. We did eat there, I had chicken and dumplins and Rick had a BBQ sandwich. Not bad but we will find another place next
We stopped to look for pecans and the guy in there looked crazy. So, we bought onions and a jar of peach butter and!  Again, its cheaper to buy pecans at BJ's, Nancy! A bag of unshelled pecans was $28, $11 for a 12 oz bag of shelled pecans. The peaches didn't look very good either. They had cantaloupes that Rick said he would have been ashamed to put out for sale.
Tomorrow is wash day. Glad there is a laundry here and its clean. Rick fixed supper on the grill.. hamburgers! We tried out the Tailgate Red Wine....yummmm..... relaxing! Talked to my friend tonight in Nashville and she said the place we picked to camp was near her and in a good part of town. We decided to leave Friday. She has already planned several places to take us. It's so nice to have a local
Oh yeah, Ursa got us lost twice today. Sent us to dead end roads!! Just glad the Vibe gets good gas mileage! Then Rick got us lost and Ursa got us outta three ain't bad!
It rained pretty hard this morning so we got a late start touring. But all in all it turned out to be a great day. I will post some more pictures when the server I'm using speeds up. Right now it is slow and uploading would take me too long. I'll post them on Photobucket and have them labeled. I have PSP on this computer so I can "adjust"
Time for bed....night to all my family. I miss and love you all!


Exploring with the Garmin

We lazed around this morning but decided to explore. Off we go with the Garmin whom we have named Ursa. We were looking for the first Confederate Cemetery in Ga. We found it with no help from Ursa! A lady and some freed slaves reburied the CSA soldiers from a local battlefield creating this cemetery of unknown CSA soldiers. I will post some photos later now that I know how to post photos again. I need to download them from the camera and re-size them for the blog. We had spotted a produce stand and stopped to get some apples, tomatoes, bell peppers, onions and pickles. We saw some Moonshine jelly made from moonshine. Sounded interesting to me.
We will visit a friend when we go to Nashville and she had ask us to pick her up a bottle of wine from the Ga Winery in Ringold Ga. So off we go to find the place and of course we got lost! Ursa was useless on this trip! We stopped at a used car place to ask direction. The guy was very friendly and pointed us in the right direction which we promptly passed and had to turn back to get on the right road. Again, no help from Ursa. We found the winery and decided to taste this special wine what a great tasting wine! We bought 2 bottles. Then we tasted another wine....awesome stuff...We bought another bottle. A lady was talking about a blackberry muscadine wine. Rick tasted that one and bought 2 more bottles. We had to leave before we bought any more wine! So, if your ever in Ringold Ga go to the winery and ask to taste Tailgate Red...yummy stuff... We have a bottle chilling in the fridge and will have a glass tomorrow.
We needed to restock the wallet and found our bank. Rick had to go inside cause they didn't have an ATM there. Apparantly there was a robbery at a local bank and there were armed guards inside. Rick said it was very uncomfortable seeing all those guys with guns.
Back to the rv we went to fix lunch and take a nap. Then Rick decided to fix cornbread, chops and baked taters on the habachi for dinner. was good but too much for me to eat so the dogs helped me finish the Rick went to the local corner store to play the Ga lottery. By the way, Rick made cornbread in the dutch oven using charcoal and it was very good. I am so enjoying this rv'ing!...hahaha... Ok, I do the clean up to help
Now, its time to post this and get some sleep.
Night all.....miss you family mine!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Some pictures

Sadie and Bandit

Cotton fields

On the road again!

We left Perry this morning heading north. I have decided that I-75 is a never ending road paving project. I know that it must employ half the people of GA! We drove around Atlanta and made it in one piece. Rick said he knew we were getting close to the city because everyone started driving
We saw lots of airplanes taking off and landing. One looked like it was landing on the road! I think it was a Delta plane. We are staying at a great KOA here in Calhoune. The owners and staff are very nice and helpful. We had problems with the tv cable and they were to come by in the morning and fix it. But the owner came by and hooked the cable up to a vacant site near us just so we would have tv tonite. Awesome, I tell ya. He stayed and we chatted for half an hour. Also, one of the ladies from the office brought us warm chocolate chip cookies. What a nice welcome.
Things went downhill from Rick took the dogs out for a walk before bedtime. When Rick got back he was putting them in the rv, just like he always does, and Jones decided to take Rick for a run. When Rick took Jones off the lead he took off with Rick running to catch him. Earlier Rick had promised Bandit that he was selling him at the next pet shop....Bandit decided he didn't need to go outside and started screaming when Rick put him on the lead... Rick promised Jones the same thing after the jog! I may have to get some benadryl for all of them!
So we are all set up and plan to stay here and tour around then head to Nashville. I have a friend in Nashville that we will meet. What a great person she is as she told us she would drive us around in her car so we will have a driver and not get lost! And that when we picked a place to stay she wanted to know where so we would be in a safe area. Now, that is nice!
It is raining here tonight. I had to jump up and close the window. The weather has been so nice. I was ready for the cooler temps!
Well folks, I am off to bed.....goodnight! Love and miss you all!


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Life in the slow lane

Another day and more adventure. Rick got up early and went to the local flea market. It was a dud. But on the way home he stopped to check out the pecan prices at a local store. The prices were a little steep so we will check other places. Oh, and the weather has been nice here. Chilly but nice. So, Rick brings home some awesome peach bread. We had the last of the chicken tonight with the peach bread. It was yummy. We will be leaving Perry tomorrow headed a bit farther north.
Today we made it to Andersonville and toured the POW/MIA museum. Then we drove around the prison camp. Unbelievable  that there were over 30,000 prisoners on 32 acres and 1 stream running thru the camp. It is worth taking the detour to view this place. Nope, we didn't see the ghost they say walks the camp. However, the guide told us that a man stayed there one night before the park service took over management and told the former  manager that he saw white ghosts and devils with horns. Turns out it was a heard of goats...LOL....
We saw alot of cotton fields and pecan trees and peach groves. The country side here is pretty with gentle rolling hills. It seems to be very peaceful and the people are so friendly. The campground is nice too. It's quiet and honesty goes along way here. Rick only paid for us to spend 2 nights and when he talked to the manager he was told to wait till we checked out to pay for any other nights we owed. Amazing...or I am too sceptical of people?
So far we are enjoying ourselves and seeing lots of country that we never thought we'd get to see. I miss home but this is nice too. And like Mz.Scarlett says... Oh well, tomorrow is another day!
Night night!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Perry Adventures!

So, here we are enjoying the Fair Harbor RV Park. Been here 2 night and we're staying another night. We are planning a trip to Andersonville to see the Confederate prison camp tomorrow. We got sidetracked today. There was a Samboree at the fairgrounds here. The Mennonites were cooking so off we went. Was a great meal and I picked up a little something too. We watched the quilt auction for awhile. Then I thought I'd pick up a quilt for Nancy cause she loves quilts. The bidding started at $300 for the handmade quilts. Needless to say Nancy isn't getting a quilt. Sorry Nanny!
Our adventure wasn't over. We had dinner at Cracker Barrel. This was the best and friendliest Cracker Barrel we have ever been in. After dinner we had to find a Lowe's to get something to fix the shower that I broke. We ended up in Warner Robins. What a nice city. It had all of our favorite food groups. We said we have to stay another night and try out another
Rick picked up some donuts for breakfast in the morning. Hopefully we will go to Andersonville early then we can just relax. We'll leave on Monday morning for places north.
Good night!


Friday, September 16, 2011

Here it is 2011 already and I never continued with this cool blog my friend, Pammie, made for me. Thank you again, Mz Pammie!
I am going to blog our adventures while rv'ing. This is the 2nd night on the road and we have pushed it to get to Perry, Ga. We finally got most everything fixed on the rv. They replaced the faulty camera and finished fixing the other "items" except for the puncture on the divider. The manager said to get it fixed and he will pay the bill. Nice of him to cover it since Coachmen wouldn't pay for the repair. Yes, I will write them a note  While waiting on the rv repairs we rode around Lake City, Jasper and surrounding communities. We put flowers on Vivian's grave. Rick was very sad. It's still hard on him losing his Mom. Hard to believe she has been gone 4 years.
So, I have come to the conclusion after driving around most of the day, north FL has more correctional facilities and churches than anywhere I've ever been. Something is wrong up here, I just don't know what....LOL...
On a happier note, we took the dogs to a local groomer for baths. They were stinky critters and needed a shower. The groomer did an awesome job. They smell so good and were so tired that they slept all the way to Perry!
If your ever in Lake City go to Ken's BBQ. That was the best bbq pork sandwich I ever tasted. Louis needs to come up here and let Ken show him how to bbq a hog!
I made some pictures as we were driving along of the cotton fields. I hope they look ok. Now, I know my blog isn't as good as Chris' blogs are but hopefully I will get better...LOL.... It's hard to live up to Chris' standards!!
Night all!