Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Hermitage...

Today we had to get some Pet Armour for the fleas. Also, got some itch med for the dogs. Then off to visit Andrew Jackson's house. The property is beautiful. And thanks to some very smart ladies the homestead was kept intact as much as possible. We took the wagon ride tour and what a great tour that was. The wagon driver was also the tour guide. He told us so much about life at The Hermitage. It was a different time and different set of values. Jackson had 100 slaves and he rarely sold a slave. Usually they stayed on the plantation for their entire lives. They were allowed to hunt and had their own vegetable gardens and were allowed to sell some of their goods and have some cash. It was a very interesting tour. Well worth the money we paid.
So, not trusting Ursa anymore we tried to find our way to Publix for an ice lolly refill. We found a Publix!! Great to be in a store where we were familiar. And then on the way home we got lost again. Just because I remembered driving by a big building is no reason to go in a different direction around said building! ...yup! lost again!.... Finally, we found our way back to the campground and we had company waiting for us. My friend Sandra came to visit. Rick said let's go eat. Sandra said do you like Cheddars? Never heard of it but off we went. Awesome place to eat. I had ribs and shrimp. Rick had country fried steak and gravy. Sandra had fish with mango salsa. Then for dessert we had chocolate fudge cake with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream....yummmmm
We came back to the rv and visited for awhile. Made plans to go into Nashville tomorrow to play tourist. She is a great person. One you feel like you have known for yrs. Jones worked his magic on another female. Sandra was ready to take him home with her. He is such a smooozzzz with the ladies! It rained some tonight but today the weather was beautiful. Hope tomorrow is too.
Well folks, I am off to bed soon and wanted to say I am missing the family but having fun too!
Night all!!


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