Tuesday, September 20, 2011

On the road again!

We left Perry this morning heading north. I have decided that I-75 is a never ending road paving project. I know that it must employ half the people of GA! We drove around Atlanta and made it in one piece. Rick said he knew we were getting close to the city because everyone started driving crazy...lol...
We saw lots of airplanes taking off and landing. One looked like it was landing on the road! I think it was a Delta plane. We are staying at a great KOA here in Calhoune. The owners and staff are very nice and helpful. We had problems with the tv cable and they were to come by in the morning and fix it. But the owner came by and hooked the cable up to a vacant site near us just so we would have tv tonite. Awesome, I tell ya. He stayed and we chatted for half an hour. Also, one of the ladies from the office brought us warm chocolate chip cookies. What a nice welcome.
Things went downhill from there....lol... Rick took the dogs out for a walk before bedtime. When Rick got back he was putting them in the rv, just like he always does, and Jones decided to take Rick for a run. When Rick took Jones off the lead he took off with Rick running to catch him. Earlier Rick had promised Bandit that he was selling him at the next pet shop....Bandit decided he didn't need to go outside and started screaming when Rick put him on the lead... Rick promised Jones the same thing after the jog!....lol.... I may have to get some benadryl for all of them!...lol...
So we are all set up and plan to stay here and tour around then head to Nashville. I have a friend in Nashville that we will meet. What a great person she is as she told us she would drive us around in her car so we will have a driver and not get lost! And that when we picked a place to stay she wanted to know where so we would be in a safe area. Now, that is nice!
It is raining here tonight. I had to jump up and close the window. The weather has been so nice. I was ready for the cooler temps!
Well folks, I am off to bed.....goodnight! Love and miss you all!


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lillies lya said...

omg, what a sight!!! Poor Rick! And poor nearest pet shop!!!
love n hugs