Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Exploring with the Garmin

We lazed around this morning but decided to explore. Off we go with the Garmin whom we have named Ursa. We were looking for the first Confederate Cemetery in Ga. We found it with no help from Ursa! A lady and some freed slaves reburied the CSA soldiers from a local battlefield creating this cemetery of unknown CSA soldiers. I will post some photos later now that I know how to post photos again. I need to download them from the camera and re-size them for the blog. We had spotted a produce stand and stopped to get some apples, tomatoes, bell peppers, onions and pickles. We saw some Moonshine jelly made from moonshine. Sounded interesting to me.
We will visit a friend when we go to Nashville and she had ask us to pick her up a bottle of wine from the Ga Winery in Ringold Ga. So off we go to find the place and of course we got lost! Ursa was useless on this trip! We stopped at a used car place to ask direction. The guy was very friendly and pointed us in the right direction which we promptly passed and had to turn back to get on the right road. Again, no help from Ursa. We found the winery and decided to taste this special wine what a great tasting wine! We bought 2 bottles. Then we tasted another wine....awesome stuff...We bought another bottle. A lady was talking about a blackberry muscadine wine. Rick tasted that one and bought 2 more bottles. We had to leave before we bought any more wine! So, if your ever in Ringold Ga go to the winery and ask to taste Tailgate Red...yummy stuff... We have a bottle chilling in the fridge and will have a glass tomorrow.
We needed to restock the wallet and found our bank. Rick had to go inside cause they didn't have an ATM there. Apparantly there was a robbery at a local bank and there were armed guards inside. Rick said it was very uncomfortable seeing all those guys with guns.
Back to the rv we went to fix lunch and take a nap. Then Rick decided to fix cornbread, chops and baked taters on the habachi for dinner. was good but too much for me to eat so the dogs helped me finish the Rick went to the local corner store to play the Ga lottery. By the way, Rick made cornbread in the dutch oven using charcoal and it was very good. I am so enjoying this rv'ing!...hahaha... Ok, I do the clean up to help
Now, its time to post this and get some sleep.
Night all.....miss you family mine!


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The Posh Box said...

WOW!! You guys are so lucky to be able to travel like this, how fun!! I would LOVE to just get up and GO! Aint gonna happen anytime soon, that's for sure! lol I have 6 more years until my last one graduates.. Dang... I'll be ready for diapers by the time Allison graduates high school... LMBO Have fun and please drive safely, be careful of greedy people out there!