Sunday, September 18, 2011

Life in the slow lane

Another day and more adventure. Rick got up early and went to the local flea market. It was a dud. But on the way home he stopped to check out the pecan prices at a local store. The prices were a little steep so we will check other places. Oh, and the weather has been nice here. Chilly but nice. So, Rick brings home some awesome peach bread. We had the last of the chicken tonight with the peach bread. It was yummy. We will be leaving Perry tomorrow headed a bit farther north.
Today we made it to Andersonville and toured the POW/MIA museum. Then we drove around the prison camp. Unbelievable  that there were over 30,000 prisoners on 32 acres and 1 stream running thru the camp. It is worth taking the detour to view this place. Nope, we didn't see the ghost they say walks the camp. However, the guide told us that a man stayed there one night before the park service took over management and told the former  manager that he saw white ghosts and devils with horns. Turns out it was a heard of goats...LOL....
We saw alot of cotton fields and pecan trees and peach groves. The country side here is pretty with gentle rolling hills. It seems to be very peaceful and the people are so friendly. The campground is nice too. It's quiet and honesty goes along way here. Rick only paid for us to spend 2 nights and when he talked to the manager he was told to wait till we checked out to pay for any other nights we owed. Amazing...or I am too sceptical of people?
So far we are enjoying ourselves and seeing lots of country that we never thought we'd get to see. I miss home but this is nice too. And like Mz.Scarlett says... Oh well, tomorrow is another day!
Night night!

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lillies lya said...

hahahaha!!! Ghosts??? What is it that makes people think "ghosts" when they hear or see something? There must be a million things that should come to mind BEFORE the paranormal stuff.
love to both of you