Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Museum visit.

I didn't write anything about yesterday's museum visit. We went to the Tobacco Farm Life Museum in Kenly, NC. It was a very interesting tour. Rick saw all the old farm equipment. And there were buildings that were modeled on farm life in NC back when tobacco was king. The life was hard but the people built a life for themselves and their families. We didn't do much else because it was supposed to rain so we came back to the RV. Tomorrow is laundry day. We were going to do laundry today but opted to spend the time with Rhonda. She took us to a great little place for hots and fries. The food was wonderful.
Wow! The wind is really blowing tonight and sounds scary but so far we haven't moved much in the RV. Rick is already in bed snoring so he isn't scared abit....LOL
goodnight family....I love you all! 

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