Monday, October 17, 2011

In Smithfield NC

Up at the crack of dawn this morning...wellll....8am is very early for me. We had loaded the tow last night so it was easy breezy this morning getting ready to leave. We left about 10 am and drove up I-95 looking for the Smithfield KOA. Ursa certainly didn't have a we pulled off and called the place and found out we were about 300 yrds from the about luck! Nice park here. Free cable and wifi a bit more expensive than the last place but worth it. And much cheaper than a motel.
We called my niece Rhonda and she and her daughter Ally came to lead us to their home. She lost us at a traffic light. So we called and talked our way till we caught up with her. She took us the back way and I was sure we'd get lost coming back but Ursa led us back to the old rv stable.
Now about that is beautiful. I know now why Rhonda only weighs 100 lbs....she looses weight keeping that house clean. It is big and lovely and just fits them to a tee. Zander their dog is just too cute and demanding as are only dogs in a family. We played ball and chased bubbles and barked a little to heighten the fun! Then we had supper....yummmm....cabbage rolls and mashed tators and dessert....yummmm.... We took some wine, had a drink before supper. I took the candy so they could have a taste of Mom's cooking. Her Mom, who is my sister, is an awesome cook. She taught her daughter very well!! After that great dinner, we came back to the RV and took the dogs out then off to bed went the kids and Rick. Sadie thinks I should be in bed now and is huffing at me. She thinks she can tell me what to do....most times she can but tonight I have good internet coverage and need to finish some things up in case it goes bad
I had a call from an old friend, Carey Baxley, who we had planned to visit while up here. He called to tell me his brother-in-law had died and he missed seeing us when we were in Charleston. Next trip he is going to give us another tour of Charleston, SC which we are looking forward to doing with him and his lovely wife!
Now, I don't know what we are going to do tomorrow but it should be great!
Love to my family and goodnight all!

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