Thursday, October 13, 2011

Finally, I can blog again!

This is our 3rd day traveling and I now have good internet service. The last place we were staying was Red Gate Farms Rv Park in Savannah, Ga. Nope, we won't be staying there again. We never did see any of the owners. Everything was done over the phone. It is a busy place so someone must like staying there. We weren't impressed, web pages We spent the day yesterday in Savannah on the tour. We saw Juliette Gordon Low's home, Ships of the Sea Museum and the Owens-Thomas Home.It was interesting and we learned alot about the Girl Scouts and their founder. She was almost totally deaf and died at 56 yrs of age. She accomplished quite a bit during her life. Girl Scouts will be 100 yrs old in 2012. The Owen -Thomas home was interesting and considered very modern for it's time. The home had flush toilets before the White House did and a "jack and jill" style bathroom for guests. 2 cisterns supplied the home with water to have running water and indoor flush toilets. Ok.. the up and down staircase here about did me in with this bad hip. The Low home had an elevator to go up 3 floors. That was nice!
It was so humid and hot in Savannah that I thought it was July and not October!! Savannah is a beautiful city but living there without ac must have been a nightmare! When we got to the river front district we were hungry. We saw a place called The Shrimp Factory and thought we'd try it. A nice gentleman standing in front gave us a $5 off card so in we went. We had a dozen fried shrimp that came with chicken flavored rice and the best salad I ever ate. Also, there were blueberry muffins and honey butter. The dip for the shrimp was honey mustard. All the dips and butter and salad dressing were home made right there....yummmmm.... The food and service were excellent. The meal was $15 each and we got $5 off the total price. Awesome place and much easier to get seated there than other places around town, like A Lady and Her Sons (no reservations after 9:30 that day) and the Pink House. We thought about trying Mrs. Wilkes place but decided seafood sounded better after all we were in Savannah!!
We had to walk 4 blocks to get to the car after going to the Ship museum. I was so tired when we got back to the rv.We took showers and were in bed by 9:30.....of course then I was up at 1am and then 3am and then 4:30 I just stayed up and played some on the computer.
That wonderful time we had in Savannah wasn't so wonderful today. I had several spells of throwing up about 8am this morning. I think I got too hot and was dehydrated and my body rebelled! Poor Rick he had to do just about everything with out help. I felt so bad that I couldn't do much to help him get us ready to travel again. But we are here now in a very nice rv park called Lake Aire RV Campground in Hollywood, SC. Rick is grilling chops and baked tators for supper and I am goofing off writing on the blog. We will be here till Monday when we head north to Rhonda's place.
I am sharing the address of The Shrimp Factory. If you get near Savannah and love seafood then forget Paula Dean and try The Shrimp Factory!
313 East River St
Savannah, Ga (912) 236-4229

And ask for Emily cause she was a most excellent server! More tomorrow!
Love you folks!

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Shirley said...

Sounds like you're having a good/not so good time.
No chance that it was the shrimp reacting instead of the heat?
Is Rhonda your niece? Saw something that your sister said on fb about Rhonda