Sunday, October 16, 2011

Heading out tomorrow

We are heading out tomorrow to visit Rhonda and Chris in Clayton. We spent a very quiet day here. We did take a trip into town and found 2 jars of JFG at FoodLion. Those who like JFG will know what it is ...the rest of you ....well, some things are best not known in a family....LOL
We found our route today on that short trip. Some times its better to recon in the car before you start out in the rv. The car is stowed on the dolly and ready. We won't leave until after 9am cause we figure most people who are pissed at having to go back to work on Monday morning will be at work by that time! Rick fixed biscuits and bbq chicken on the grill and baked tators. I made salads and got everything he needed ready and will do the clean up. Supper was good...yummmm
Not a long blog tonite because we didn't do much today but rest.
Miss you family....and love you all!


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