Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A time to reflect on things

We made it back home and as usual I got busy and didn't do the blog. I had such a hard time with a wifi connection in the campgrounds that I couldn't even write on the blog most days. Disappointing for me cause its nice to go back and remember the little things you forget. I'm not much of a writer it seems. I do better when writing fiction stories than real life stories. I need to expand and re-do my fiction site. Maybe write some more stories for kids.
I want to take a moment and tell you about how much God has given me in life. I have 2 great kids but you all knew that because I say it often. My husband tho..... I can never say enough good things about him. He is my life and my love. He has been and continues to be the best friend I ever had.... just took me a little longer to understand that fact than it takes most people. I can be slow but that is because I am a Scorpio and they are stubborn people. My Mother called me this morning talking about him. She calls him her angel. She says she thought Rick could do anything and she has ask him to do just about everything! Someone knocked down her mailbox. We went Sunday to get a new post and new mailbox for her. He installed it this morning and she is just thrilled. It takes so little to excite an 87 yr old lady sometimes! She says she is going to make him a cake. He will be pleased cause he likes to eat. He fits in our family real good. A family friend told my sister once that our family was the only one he knew that made eating a sport! That happens when you have great cooks in the family.
My love just came in and told me what our plans were for today. He has us a trip scheduled and he wants me to go with him. Gotta love a man that looks out for your well being. He said we'd go after we have some lunch! Whatta sport!


lillies lya said...

awwww, and Rick is a lucky guy - he caught the nicest witch in the world!
thanks för the updates here - I don't comment all the time, but I love them! Your adventures are so funny sometimes. And always very interesting - I feel like I'm on a roadtrip too!! You should get some educational compensation from the American Board of Tourism (if there is such a thing).


Carey Baxley said...

Susan, don't criticize your writing skills, you are an excellent writer. You make the ordinary events of life sound fun and exciting. It takes talent to do that and you are very good at it. I wish the best for you and Rick as you enjoy this time of your life together. Please keep sharing it with those who love y'all.