Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day 2011

I'm hanging with my Vet today! He got up early and walked the bridge with our daughter. Then.....bless his heart....he came home and fixed brunch for us. Now, we are sitting here playing on the computers and listening to the road shakers at work. I am sure they will shake my home off its foundation!! We've lived in the same place for 36 years and they finally decided to surprise us with a "new road". When we got home from the last rv'ing trip we had a dirt road in place of the asphalt one we had when we left home. SURPRISE!! Just what I needed to see as a welcome home gift. I should be grateful but after so many years, why did they wait so long???.... Oh, wait!! I know why!! They ran out of road work to do in south Brevard County so ...FINALLY.... We poor North Brevardians are on the receiving end of this great road work. Can you tell I am excited? Oh well, when you retire life, throws you many surprises that you can do without....LOL...
Time to go take my Vet for a ride. Lots of places are giving away free lunches to the Vets and I want to make sure he gets his just desserts! Gotta love him...he is mine!

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