Saturday, October 26, 2013

Out to see the sights with Carey!
It sure is cool this morning. Glad we are near the coast so it didn't frost on our car. My car doesn't know what frost is and has never seen a flake of snow. I don't want to traumatize it yanno! This has been a wild trip. I will be doing reviews of the campgrounds we stayed in this time. Some are good and some just didn't make the cut. That means we won't be going back again. Fool me once and I don't go back.
Also, got my hair done yesterday and she charged me $25 just to wash and blow dry my hair. Of course, she knew we were just visiting and probably wouldn't be back. Gotta watch these people! From now on I will be saying we are moving close by so they don't peg me as easy...LOL... Everyone knows how easy I am!! ROFL
The park we are in now is the same one we stayed in 2 yrs ago. Different people here now and not nearly as nice as the other couple. Basically Rick was told to make a reservation next time or don't bother coming back. No wonder the people were leaving outta here in droves the next day. First, the lady told Rick she didn't have any spaces so Rick says not a problem. I'll go somewhere else. Suddenly she found a space for us near the pool, as if we will swim in this weather! But we have some interesting neighbors here. All types of people and breeds of dog in this park. More small pit bulls are walked around here than I usually see in parks. The only downside is their lack of training and they need training when around other dogs.
I noticed coming into the park they had a welcome sign out for the snowbirds. I was surprised that people would winter here but then I'm used to seeing so many "up north" people staying in FL over the winter that I think they ALL come to FL or I say come on down, bring plenty of money and leave early!!
I better get ready now. My ride will be here soon and I need to collect my gear! See ya next time with more news!


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