Thursday, March 27, 2014

New to us is the idea of actually going some place exciting besides downtown Titusville. Had I known I was going to spend my life in this non-town I would have moved long ago. I want to be buried in the mountains. Because if I have to spend my living life here in this non-city, I certainly don't want to spend eternity here too!. I moved to Daytona to get away from here and what happened??? My husband moved me right back here just around the corner from where I left!! I can't catch a break! We moved to Texas...YEA!!... and 2 years later, my husband moved me right back here!! I can not catch a break! Why my classmates are retiring and moving back here is a mystery to me. If you've lived somewhere else and made a life there ...WHY???.... would you move back to this non-town? Needless to say I really don't like living here.


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