Monday, October 21, 2013

Tired tired tired tonight! Everything we did turned to poop! aarrrggghhhh!! So first we had to change plans because Rick only wants to be gone a week. I thought we were going for 2 weeks. Obviously we traveled on different wave lengths when discussing this vacation. I'm not going to make it to the mountains to see the fall leaves nor to the winery which was my goal to begin with. I even thought we might see my great aunt Mary. That ain't gonna happen either. So, here we are stuck in an RV park in Santee that advertised one price but changed it when Rick went in to pay for the site. It has no cable and ya'll know I can't miss Dancing With The Stars!! So we tried the regular TV and just as DWTS was over Rick figured out how to get the TV to stay on channel. One of us asked that the antenna be rotated to start with, not mentioning any names.
I am hoping that tomorrow is better. We are going to see my niece, Rhonda. I am expecting some awesome coffee from their new coffee maker. And maybe a side trip to some place cool!
Then we are off to visit my long time friend who is like a brother to me, Carey. He promised us a grand tour of Charleston and Rick is excited about it. I'm thinking it is time to post this entry and hit the bed. Like I said it was an awful day! Say a prayer that tomorrow is better!


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