Saturday, September 20, 2008

My First Time

Wow! My own blog! Who would think that I... lil o me ...would have a blog!
I think I am going to just start keeping a diary here of the wonderful things that happen in my life. Come back next week for an update! hahaha
If you like my blog, thank Pammie. She is the genius behind this blog. Maybe we can blame her now rather than Shirley?



lillie said...

Well, Pammie did a first class job as always - it's beautiful and somehow she managed to make it fit you perfectly!

Haha, don't you think Shirl would be upset if she didn't get the blame for everything (except the blog)??

Now, don't forget to write your journal here - I need to see what you do when you don't sit under my desk and try to gnaw at my legs. Well, my desk's legs.

Love you!

The Posh Box said...

Yes, I want to see posts every day... ok, at least once a week.. I haven't even written in mine for about a month, whooops! LOL

ausbettsee47 said...

Well Susie...this is did an awesome job. Poor ole Shirl...lmao. The design just looks like its straight from Florida and I love it. I have yet to pick out a design and then figure out what to do with it. Just remember Susie to keep those gates shut on Shirl's

Amy said...

This looks super, Sue! I love the little sea critters. Pamela did a great job on it. Congrats to you on the new blog! :)