Monday, September 22, 2008

Life in the Slow Lane

Another lazy weekend here... sorta. When you're practicing for retirement you have to get used to having six Saturdays and one Sunday. Sounds easy doesn't it?....NOT! You run out of things to do so you resort to taking the puppies outside 100 times a day. Not realizing they like going out so much, they train you to go out more and more till you are taking them outside 100 times a day! They are good trainers, better liars and they get rewarded with cookies and praise during the training. As a treat, you get to go outside and stand in the hot sun, sweat till you're wet and get skin cancer from so much sun exposure. Doesn't seem fair in my book. You should at least get a cookie or two or three.


1 comment:

lillie said...

Can't you nibble on the doggietreats?

Good luck with the puppies - bet they have you really welltrained by now.