Sunday, May 11, 2014

How often have you heard people say that they missed a family member because that member thought another member of the family had done an imaginary slight to them? Feelings get hurt and all the family suffers because of one member because of a misunderstanding? It has happened in my family so many times and now the tears flow for the family member who is stuck in the middle. So many times I wonder why things happen and why someone who is a good person is made to suffer? Why is it that pride brings down a family member? What is the lesson that God had for this family member? He has never learned that lesson even after many, many times and the loss of friends and family. I would say I feel sorry for that member but in truth I pity him for the manner he has managed to wreck not only his immediate family but also other family member's lives.
Years ago I told my husband he was doing me no favors moving back to this area. And that has proved to be true over and over. I hate living here for many reasons but I think our lives would have been better in another area, like they say in another time and place.
Blogs are great for getting things off your mind, some times.